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Authors note: This is my opinion only and does not reflect that of my employer or any organization with which I am involved. As this is an opinion, I take full responsibility for any implied, explicit, or unconscious bias. I am open to feedback and correction; this opinion is subject to change at any time.

We’re almost there for truly global trusted interoperability. We almost have all of the networks we need. Let’s go through the networks we already have or will have soon (please note — I am only focusing on electronic networks, not physical or social networks)

Global Communication Network — The Internet as we know it today. Conceptualized as a singular, ubiquitous thing that we take for granted, it is actually a network of networks and an amalgam of protocols and technologies abstracted and unified bound by a set of rules known as Internet Protocol. We can just communicate with one another. …


Tim Bouma

Based in Ottawa. Does identity stuff. My tweets are my opinion but they can be yours too!

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